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The story behind the bands Rahowa and Novacosm is an interesting and highly unusual one.  The band Rahowa was started by George Burdi, a White Supremacist and member of the Church of the Creator.  Burdi started the group with fellow skinheads in 1989.  He later established Resistance Records in 1993.  This record label became the largest distributor of racist hate music in North America.  Burdi also edited Resistance magazine.  The band used powerful messages of hate in their lyrics.  Their messages included racial slurs and encouraged the murder of minorities.  They played very few gigs a year (averaging only about 15 to 20 in eight years) and barely made any money for their shows.  They released only two discs, the latter of which, “Cult of the Holy War” (1995) was the more famous release. 

Rahowa came crashing down when Burdi was imprisoned in 1997 in connection with an assault on a female anti-racist activist.  The incident took place after one of Burdi’s hate speeches in Ottawa.  Burdi says he never personally kicked the woman, but he was imprisoned anyway.  He was released on appeal after a month and spent two years becoming even angrier and more determined to fight on behalf of the White Supremacy cause.  However, his conviction was upheld in 1997 and he was required to finish the remainder of a year-long prison sentence.  While in prison, he decided that he was going to separate ties with the White Supremacist movement.  He realized the difficulties that he had put his parents through and was changed by it.  He also realized that an all-White jury had found him guilty because they disagreed with his views - - this suggested the futility of his cause.  Things really began to change for him.

After this, Burdi did quite a bit of soul searching and completely changed his life.  George Burdi is now the front man for a band called Novacosm, which sings a completely different tune (and has two Black members).  He also is married to an East Indian woman.  It is essential to know about people like Geoge Burdi to understand that things can change, people can change, and the world can be made better.  Burdi’s experience changed his life; he was able to denounce White pride and become a man interested in peace and the tranquil teachings of Buddha.  Stories like Burdi’s might be rare, but they give us all hope. 

Reference: Intelligence Report Fall 2001, Issue 103

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