The educational resources provided on this page are designed to combat prejudice and intolerance.  These tools include exercises, discussion questions, and links to other helpful web sites.



Curriculum Ideas

Race Relations

KKK Application
This activity illustrates how easily people might be lured into joining organizations that promote prejudice and intolerance.

Kiddie Klan
This activity uses a thought-provoking visual image to inspire discussion about race relations

Gender and Sexuality

Gay or Straight - Same or Different?
This activity provides a self-assessment to explore personal feelings and beliefs about homosexuality. It also provides a basis for classroom discussion.

Sexual Harassment
This lesson helps students learn to recognize sexual harassment by examining case studies.

Prejudice and Stereotypes

Assumption Game
This activity explores how society makes assumptions about people based on their background and/or socioeconomic status.  (This exercise can be used as a lead-in to discussions of stereotyping as well.)

Speaking Up for Each Other
This activity illustrates the importance of sticking up for others. 

Interview Outside Your Walls
This activity encourages students to interact with others outside of their culture or social group.

School Prejudice
This activity tracks derogatory language that is used in schools and makes students aware of their own language patterns.

TV Log
This activity tracks stereotypes in the media by observing television shows and the news.

I Was Just Kidding! (Meets Indiana Health Education Standards)
This activity addresses the issue of bullying and teasing that goes too far.

Don’t Just Standby (Meets Indiana Health Education Standards)
This activity uses a variety of scenerios to address how to stand up for students who are being bullying by others.

What Are Isms? (Meets Indiana Health Education Standards)
This activity uses movie clips to explore stereotypes in the media.

"Handling Hate"
A video interview with Dr. Bud Edwards, Clinical Psychologist at Ball State University's Counseling Center.  Dr. Edwards has extensive experience on the topic of diversity and has six helpful tips for students who are faced with hate speech and prejudice. 

Prejudice and "Isms" (Meets Indiana Health Education Standards)
This lesson uses movie clips to help students identify types of prejudice and to consider ways to combat various “isms.”

Links to other Teaching Resources

The Power of Words "The Power of Words"
This site contains ten separate lesson plans that discuss how language and stereotypes are connected.  Each lesson plan has a particular focus, including race, gender, and anti-Semitism. 

Racism 50th Anniversary Brown v. Board of Education
This site celebrates the anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education.  It educates students about segregation and this monumental court decision.  Included are six lesson plans that focus on history, current segregation in schools, and the importance of being an ally.

Can Journalism Kill? The Case of Rwandan Hate Radio
This site addresses a global tragedy that often is overlooked -- the genocide that took place in Rwanda.  It includes numerous sources and activities to demonstrate how hate radio, journalism and propaganda contributed to the violence in Rwanda.

PBS  “Sorting People”
This PBS site has many wonderful resources about race relations and its different facets.  This link takes you directly to an activity called “Sorting People,” but please be sure to explore the rest of the site as well.


Holocaust Lesson Plans
Chronology of Holocaust (Timeline)

This site tells the story of Abraham H. Foxman, a man who survived the Holocaust as a small child.  The site includes a number of resources and classroom activities as well as a fantastic timeline called the “Chronology of the Holocaust.”

Simon Wiesenthal Center
Holocaust Resources
36 Questions About the Holocaust

This multimedia learning center is sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a well-known Jewish human rights agency.  This site contains resources to help teach about the Holocaust, including a list of frequently asked questions.

General Educational Tools

Teaching Tolerance

The Southern Poverty Law Center is devoted to promoting social justice and educating others.  Visit their Tolerance website to see all of the projects they are involved in.  Be sure to visit their “For Teachers” section to access countless lesson plans and teaching guides.

Erase the Hate
This site is part of a program created by the USA Network.  This link takes you to “The National Hate Test.”  This test includes a number of thought-provoking scenarios that are perfect to use as discussion or writing prompts.

Educators for Social Responsibility
This site has resources for educators who are teaching at every age level.  It provides suggestions to “create [a] safe, caring, respectful, and productive learning environment.”

Bias Test
This site is part of a study being conducted by Harvard University.  This site includes a number of tests that students can take to discover their own hidden biases.


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