The history of prejudice and hate in Indiana is even older than the state itself.  The earliest examples emerge from the heinous treatment that Native Americans received at the hands of white settlers.  Some of the most recent cases relate to the contentious debate over gay marriage.

This timeline provides thumb-nail sketches of some of the people and events that reflect Indiana's history of intolerance. Most of the entries speak of the state's struggle with race relations, although some instances relate to oppression of other populations, including women and members of the GLBT community. As work on this web site progresses, the timeline will become more comprehensive, identifying additional incidents of hatred, prejudice, and oppression that have been directed toward disenfranchised populations. We also hope to incorporate significantly more entries that recognize advances made in the fight against intolerance.

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NOTE: Please be advised that some of the language and graphics found on this timeline are disturbing.  Therefore, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Suggestions for additional timeline entries should be directed to Dr. Beth A. Messner,, Department of Communication Studies, Ball State University, Muncie, IN


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