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Prussian Blue

The group Prussian Blue consists of Lamb and Lynx Gaede, thirteen-year old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed twins. They have released two CDs. The first is entitled Fragment of the Future and the second The Path We Choose. Since emerging on the national scene, this duo has earned negative attention from mainstream America and positive attention from the far right-wing movement. Prussian Blue prides themselves on loving their race, white people. The girls perform songs that represent their white supremacist beliefs. They are daughters of National Vanguard writer and activist April Gaede. These girls are innocent, angelic-looking girls who are highly vocal about their pro-white stance. Rich Lindstrom, the Northeast Regional Coordinator of National Vanguard, a racist, anti-Semitic organization, believes that the girls are breaking new ground and will encourage the creation of an entirely new genre of pro-white music. 

The girls play original music. Lynx plays the violin, Lamb plays the guitar, and they both sing. They say that they play music that their peers would like to hear and that has valuable messages for other white people. Prussian Blue believes that the white race is in trouble because there aren’t enough pure white babies being born today. The girls say that there isn’t anything wrong with being proud of being white. They want to help others understand that love for one’s race is beautiful and worth celebrating. 

Although I agree that everyone should be proud of their race and of the family into which they were born, Prussian Blue’s messages are troubling. Their messages encourage people to think of white people as superior to people of other races. They also praise historical figures who practiced genocide, such as Nazi Rudolph Hess. The girls also say that they admire people who fight to keep the races of the world pure. Finally, they seemed to be using their innocent image to attract an unsuspecting audience. They sometime perform at civic events without alerting promoters of the nature of their music. 

Prussian Blue relays these messages in their songs and state that the only real problem is that other people say that their beliefs are a problem. In their song, Not a Problem, they state, 

                   So there’s not a problem
                   With the way I was raised
                   There’s not a problem
                   (© 2004 Prussian Blue)

With that being said, Prussian Blue’s music is definitely worth being examined. Important questions should be asked: Is it okay to believe that people of various races should be separate? Is Prussian Blue simply “celebrating their race” or are they advocating something else? What are the implications of Prussian Blue’s message?


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