Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

(Adapted from:  J. Thomas, City College of San Francisco)

Objectives:  To explore how society makes assumptions about people based on their background and/or socioeconomic status.  (This exercise can be used as a lead-in to discussions of stereotyping as well.)

Audience:  Mature middle school and/or high school students

Materials Needed:  Copies of “Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words” handouts (Parts One and Two), file folders, pictures of personalities used in the exercise, biographical information on these personalities, and writing utensils

Time Required:  One hour of preparation, two class periods for the exercise itself.

Teacher Directions (PDF file)
"Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words" handout Part 1(PDF file)
"Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words" handout Part 2 (PDF file)

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