“What’s an Ism?”

(Adapted from Tony Sturgeon, Fishers Jr. High, Fishers, IN)

Objective:  To examine how mediated messages convey stereotypes

Audience:   Eighth grade students

Standards:  Indiana Health Education Standard 8.5 - Interpersonal Communication

Materials Needed:   Handouts entitled “Isms in the Movies,” “Isms in my Opinion,” and “Prejudices on Television”; movie clips; television; DVD/VCR; writing utensils

Time Required:  Three class periods. Preparation time also is need

Teacher Directions (PDF file)
Movie Clip Suggestions (PDF file)
"Isms in the Movies" Handout (PDF file)
"Isms in my Opinion" Handout (PDF file)
Teacher Directions for "Prejudices in Television" (PDF file)
"Prejudices in Television" Handout (PDF file)

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