Prejudice and "Isms"

Objective: (1) to understand the underlying meaning behind prejudice and various “isms” associated with difference and (2) to discuss ways in which students can combat prejudice.

Audience:  High school juniors and seniors and adults

Standards: Indiana Health Education Standard 8.5 - Interpersonal Communication

Materials Needed:  Movie clips; T.V. and VCR/DVD player; Worksheets entitled “Movie Selections,” “Definitions of 'Isms,'” Identifying Prejudice and Isms,” and “Combating Prejudice and Isms”; writing utensils; blank sheets of paper.

Time Required: 2 class periods (approx. 2 hours; can be modified). Preparation time also needed.

Teacher Directions (PDF file)
Recommended Movie Selections (PDF file)
Definitions of “Isms” (PDF file)
Identifying Prejudice and “Isms” (PDF file)
Combating Prejudice and “Isms” (PDF file)

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