bre Bre Gary

Bre is a 22-year-old architecture student from Angola, Indiana.  This seminar interested her because it is an issue that transcends all disciplines so it is something that all people can and should address.  She wanted to meet other people who shared this same belief.
  matt Matt Goyak

Matt grew up in Algonquin, one of the fastest growing suburbs outside of Chicago. He joined the Virginia Ball Center to find out more about shrinking cities and the effects of homelessness from both the societal and architectural perspectives. The VBC is a one tool through which he can explore questions that many people avoid due to ignorance or apathy. His hope is to inform people on a more personal level, showing them the world through an unclouded lens.
  nicole Nicole Holt

The reason Nicole wanted to be involved with this seminar is because she feels it will give her the opportunity to better explore the relationship between people and spaces they inhabit. She is particularly interested in this, along with promoting the reuse of wasted materials and sustainable design, both things this seminar takes a unique approach at trying to better understand.

Wes Janz
associate professor of architecture

Wes is an architectural educator at Ball State University. He regularly teaches the first design studio in the post-professional MArch II program and upper level theory seminars. As director of the MArch II program, he shapes a “global citizen-architect” mission, recruiting students from Southeast and South Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the US. He is also co-director of CapAsia, an 11-week immersive program that provides a cross section of world architecture, urbanism, and planning for graduate and undergraduate and students in selected South Asian regions and cities.

  wes Megan Leder

  mona Mona Luxion

Mona is driven to learn about the experiences of the 6,682,142,487 other people (and counting) with whom she shares this planet. This project is one small step in that endeavor.

  bob Bob Miller
english / philosophy / peace and conflict studies

Bob is graduating in May. To counter his feelings of anxiety, he refers to his future as "endless summer." One time, he sold an index card on eBay.



Amanda Pagel

Most people just want to be acknowledged by others, whether itís a smile, a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on. One gesture is not going to change the world, but it could change one personís life.
  katie Katie Peterson

Katie likes to look at the smaller components in life that make up a larger whole. It is through this idea that she hope to gain a better, in-depth understanding of what it means to be a "leftover" throughout this semester.
  adam Adam Pruden
architecture / spanish

Adam was a finalist for the ICMA architecture design competition in 2005, and a winner of the Gresham Smith architecture design competition in 2006. He is currently working on his senior honors thesis which involves creating a student international design magazine that will be published in five languages.
  diana Diana Short

Diana is an 4th year architecture major at Ball State from Carmel, Indiana. Architecture interests her on many levels, but she finds architecture's impact on people most important, particularly people that have been overlooked.
  travis Travis Shiverdecker

Travis is a 4th year architecture major at Ball State University. He is graduating in May and then heading to Graduate School, where he will continue his architectural education. Ultimately he hopes to become a licensed architect with his own practice that focuses on design work for the common individual. He believes that high quality and refined art, design and architecture should be accessible by all..


  tara Tara Sumrall
english / telecommunication

Tara will be graduating in May, and she is excited to spend her last semester working on One Small Project. Her interests include literature, web development, photography and musical theater; vices are catchy pop tunes and syndicated sitcoms; passions lie in travel and the never-ending pursuit of a really good story.
  kat Kat Townsend
visual communications

Kat is graduating and heading up to Minneapolis this summer.