Scott and his student team studied the city of Nappanee, Indiana as a potential model for a sustainable community. Living and working in Nappanee, the students became a part of the community, working with businesses, community leaders, and elected officials to help develop strategies for city policies and going green as a business. They created and presented community programs, measured the city’s carbon footprint, and produced a “climate action plan” for Nappanee demonstrating how a small town can become a model for a sustainable community. The seminar’s partners included the Nappanee Community and Economic Development Commission, the Nappanee Chamber of Commerce and the City of Nappanee.
Scott Truex, Urban Planning
CLASS MEMBERS: (L-R), Front Row: Katherine Jarboe, Lauren Harper, Paula Skrzypczak, Meagan Tuttle; Second Row: Professor Scott Truex, Ginger Bottorff, Alex Schull, Meiqi Zong, Robert Niezgodski, Dusty Lake, Mickey McGlasson.