Carolyn and her students created and installed an interactive museum exhibit for children on the honeybee. They collaborated with elementary students at Burris School to brainstorm ideas for the exhibit and develop its different elements. The project also included the development of science curriculum and lesson plans to teach children how the honeybee community works, its contribution to the fertilization of our food supply and the larger environment, and also to raise questions about the “colony collapse disorder” phenomenon, which the students instituted in classrooms throughout the Muncie community. Carolyn’s community partners were Burris School, the Minnetrista Cultural Center and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.
Carolyn A. Walker, Associate Professor of Elementary Education
CLASS MEMBERS: (L-R), Front Row: Ashley Miller, Ceara Booher, Lindsay Neuenschwander, Tara Wiggins; Second Row: Cassandra Janis, Kelsey Rairdon; Third Row: Megan Harvey, Heather Sinclair, Richard Pike, Professor Carolyn Walker, Kimberly Call, Jesika Elsbury; Fourth Row: Eric Hostetler, Jayson Homyak, Justin Manning, Giovanni Rozzi.