John and his students immersed themselves in a victims-centered perspective on how sexual assault cases are handled by experts in forensics, nursing, law enforcement, DNA analysis, patient advocacy and legal prosecution. The seminar then produced a documentary short, State of Assault, addressing the current issues and evolving needs of rape case management, including DNA processing, laboratory technologies and assault kit evidence collection protocol. The Seminarís community sponsors included the Madison County Sexual Assault Treatment Center and the Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency.
Dr. John McKillip, Associate Professor of Biology in the Department of Biology
CLASS MEMBERS: (L-R) Front Row: Cassie Scales, Megan Smith, Amanda Smith, Jennifer Ball; Second Row: Kristin Larson, Kendra Phillips, Erin Slack, Brittany Albertson, Terri Regala; Third Row: Professor John McKillip, Zachary Perlinski, Riley Fields, Cameron Kinzer