Kecia and her students explored Title IX and the role that successful women’s programs play in shaping the expectations of young female athletes. The class then produced a documentary film entitled Mintonette. Using the Burris girls’ volleyball team as a vehicle, the films themes examine the program’s history of success, its impact on the local community, and the resulting expectations it has placed on the players. The film also investigates and addresses issues of gender, sexualization, and the marginalization of certain sports in an environment where teams compete for funding, recognition, and respect from the community. The class worked with Burris School and the Indiana High School Athletic Association.
Kecia McBride is an Associate Professor
in the English department
L-R, Seated: Adam Wilson, Teri Harrington, Audrey Carlson, Aaron Lucas; Second: Jon Moisan, Laura Britton, Holly Peck, Sam Edwards, Kristen Ruhl, Evan West; Third: Samantha Davis, Kimberly Bortnem, Aaron Cunanan, Rachel Kalil, Professor Kecia McBride, Megan Veit, Dan Porter, Blake Brenneman; (not pictured) GA Jamie Mellen.