Eva and her students became a part of the community in examining and addressing the issue of poverty in Delaware County. They collaborated with community partner TEAMwork for Quality Living to further its “Circles of Support” initiative, a relationship-based model originating from the Move the Mountain Leadership Center. The seminar then developed a series of radio programs for Indiana Public Radio, as well as a short television piece and a public service announcement, (PSA) for air on WIPB. The shows featured the voices of families living in poverty, and provided a platform for them to articulate a vision to share with the community, with the ultimate goal of furthering public education and community commitment to the reduction/elimination of poverty and to foster participation in this initiative. They also shared the "Circles" model success of with community leaders while working with them in the continued refinement of a sustainable model of addressing community needs.
Eva Zygmunt-Fillwalk, Elementary Education Asst. Prof., teaches courses in diversity, family relations & creativity. Her current research focuses on the processes of personal multi-cutural development and how best to advance acceptance and difference appreciation
CLASS MEMBERS: (L-R, front) Naila Mattingly, Jennifer Strempka, Rocio Borreguero Bolanos; (Middle) Bryan Pressner, Chris Paliga, Danielle Dabler, Adam Clark; (Back) Sarah Marty, Gary Jefferson, Professor Eva Zygmunt-Fillwalk, Eric Mowery