Data-Driven Fabrications Connecting With Indiana’s White River

Kevin and his students explored the relationship between technology and nature. The seminar studied the geographical history and cultural significance of the White River to Central Indiana and formulated creative responses to collected data. Students used computer-aided design to construct architectural art installations along the White River at five major stations: Daleville, Mounds State Park, Noblesville and Indianapolis Arts Center, and a major showcase of the students’ work was featured at the Minnetrista Center. The students built their installations with materials provided by their Indiana-based manufacturing partners, including Indiana Limestone Fabricators, Inc. and Frank Miller Lumber Company. Students also kept an online journal about their course activities, and crafted their process into a documentary.

Kevin Klinger, Assistant Professor of Architecture, teaches courses in digital design, design communication and fabrication studies. He has published widely on all aspects of digital technology, and currently serves as vice president of ACADIA (the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture)
CLASS MEMBERS: (L to R) Chelsea Wait, Austin Durbin, Chris Peli, Robert Horner, Jorie Garcia, Robert Beach (behind), Anne Jeffs, Jeremy Richmond, Katie Marinaro, Josh Reitz, Melissa Funkey, Kevin Klinger