Justen Infinito, Educational Studies
Justen and her students are designing a public charter school from the ground up. Following the Guidelines from Indiana’s Department of Education, the seminar researched the types of curriculum in existing charter schools, worked with architects to create structural models for such schools to develop a business plan for establishing and sustaining an effective charter school proposal for a group of interested citizens in a mid-sized Indiana town. The seminar is working with teachers, parents, children, community leaders and the Office of Charter Schools to create the unique character of this “dream school.” The seminar will present its plan to its client and the public at a community forum.

Justen Infinito, Assistant Professor of Educational Studies, teaches courses in the foundations and philosophy of education. She has published on ethical self-formation and moral education, and serves as the Editor of Philosophical Studies in Education.
CLASS MEMBERS: (front row, L to R) Kevin Mealy, Janelle Swaidner, Gina Sciortino, Aubree Norris, James Hueston. (middle, L to R) Maria Prudlow, Amanda Reagle, Sarah Marty, Justen Infinito, Dallis Pike. (back row, L to R) Jason Blevins, Todd Adams, Sasha Jones, Aaron Cunanan, Denise Cox