Lauren Onkey and her students studied the roles tourism and travel writing play in constructing and marketing Ireland’s national identity. The seminar traveled throughout Ireland conducting their research with microphones. Upon their return, the students created a series of short radio programs, Consuming a Nation, that illustrates the significance of tourism in contemporary culture. The seminar will also publish its findings in an academic journal devoted to Irish Studies. Lauren’s community sponsor was Indiana Public Radio.
CLASS MEMBERS: (L-R, front) Stephen Jendraszak, Katie Zimolzak, Dr. Lauren Onkey, Ashli Smith; (Middle) Jonathan Branam, Mary Beth Lehman, Gaylena Merritt, Lindsey Ahaus, Beth Burress; (Back) Kevin Head, Brian Gorrell, Krista Quesenberry, Kyle Winkler
Lauren Onkey is an Associate Professor of English who teaches courses in cultural studies and contemporary Irish literature and film. She has published widely on various aspects of Irish life and has recently received an Irish Studies Summer Research Fellowship at Boston College.