Ron Morris and his students researched, designed and built a museum exhibit, (and produced a corresponding DVD), “Intersections: Traces and Trails of Wayne County,” that reveals the relationship among historic events such as the Quaker migration, the Underground Railroad, the national road and the Whitewater Canal. They launched the exhibit at the Wayne County Historical Museum, and it will also travel to schools and other museums in Indiana and the Midwest. Ron’s community sponsors included the Cambridge City Public Library, Levi Coffin House Association, Starr-Gennett Foundation, Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, the Canal Society of Indiana, Indiana State Museum, Indiana Historical Society, Indiana National Road Association, Nettle Creek Valley Museum, Richmond Art Museum, Wayne County Community Foundation, Wayne County Historical Museum and Wayne County Conventions and Tourism Bureau.
Ron Morris is an Assistant Professor of History who teaches courses in social studies. He has published books and articles on innovative methods of teaching history and culture to young students.
CLASS MEMBERS: (L-R Seated) Mike Rigney, Dr. Ronald Morris, Jessica Seamon; (Second) Sarah Jones, Kristin Stout, Amy Janeczek, Abigail Ronk; (Third) Jane Schuck, Laife Janovyak, Abigail Harris; Denise McIntire; (Fourth) Julian Dalrymple, Marianne Sheline, Brent Stinson; (Not pictured) Tim Brinkmeyer