Melinda Schoenfeldt and her students from Ball State University collaborated with Alice Hindsgavl and her students from Silkeborg Seminarium, Silkeborg, Denmark, to investigate contemporary issues related to literacy, meeting the needs of underserved populations and strengthening the school-home connection. The seminar students produced an interactive CD-ROM called Discover Readers Theater, which provides elementary school teachers with tools for applying readers theater in their own classrooms. In addition to sample scripts and how-to materials, the disc features video of elementary school children's Readers Theater projects in both America and Denmark. Melinda's community sponsors in America are Muncie Children's Museum, Muncie Public Library, and WIPB-TV.

CLASS MEMBERS: Melinda Schoenfeldt, Tricia Dickman, Jeremiah Glass, Amy Conwell, Christina Bach Jensen, Louise Stenz, Troels Moesgaard, Pia Pedersen, Jennifer Henson, Alex Santos, Jennifer Palmer, Lars Frederiksen, Anne Tabor, Rikke Klinkby, Alice Hindsgavl, Katie Meyer

Professor Alice Hindsgavl teaches Religious Studies and English at Silkeborg Seminarium, College of Education, and is also international co-ordinator in charge of student and faculty exchange, mainly within the ETEN network. She was a visiting scholar at Ball State University in 2001 and 2002, participated in the Ball State South-West fieldtrip in 2002, and has led numerous fieldtrips with students to especially Great Britain and Greece.

Dr. Melinda Schoenfeldt teaches graduate and undergraduate courses, including an online graduate course, in the Department of Elementary Education, is program area leader within the department, was a visiting ETEN scholar to Denmark in 2000 , and has taught BSU education courses in Mexico, England, and Germany.