Tony Costello and his students investigated the evolution of the "typical American home" during the 20th Century. They studied the physical, social, economic, political, aesthetic, and technological forces that shaped these houses, the neighborhoods they created, and the ability of middleclass Americans to own them. The seminar also produced an hour-long documentary film about affordable housing, an exhibit, and a monograph on the process that inspired this cultural "dream." Tony's sponsors were The Muncie Homeownership and Development Center, City of Muncie — Department of Metropolitan Development, Muncie Urban Design Studio, and the Center for Middletown Studies.


CLASS MEMBERS: (front, L to R) Dan Overbey, Matt Hill, Brad Fischer; (middle) Matt George, Tony Costello, Ryan Hinz, Brianne Bergeman, Julianna Arnett, Clayton Smith, Paula Suda, Kevin Carnes; Craig Sklenar, Ryan Birkey, Jared Edwards, Bryan Greene Tony Costello, FAIA, is the Irving Distinguished Professor of Architecture and directs the Muncie Urban Design Studio. Specializing in community-based, urban design he is the recipient of many state and national awards for combining education and public service. He is a transplanted New Yorker who still “talks funny” and longs for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He takes students off campus so they can get a real education and sees himself as much as “town” as “gown.”