Thalia Mulvihill and her students investigated the meaning of education in a democracy by researching the lives and theories of prominent educational leaders. The class conducted archival research at libraries in New York. The students, mostly education majors, simultaneously studied drama so they could craft a theatrical performance in which to portray their subjects and debate controversial and enduring issues in education. The result was Their Challenge, Our Future, which ran on the stage of the seminar's community sponsor, the Muncie Civic Theatre.

CLASS MEMBERS: (Top) Paul Tillema, Jennifer Porter, Brian Distler, Dave Anewalt (grey vest), Adam Gaff (black shirt, in back), Audie Whitaker (beard), Marci Wicker; (Bottom) Lanie Novak, Greg Bourassa, Stephanie Hemker, Kasey Fowler, Jennifer Gibson, Juliana Lottino, David Prather