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Tony Edmonds worked in collaboration with Joanne Edmonds and James Ruebel to develop “Conversations Across the Generations and Centuries.” The seminar brought together twelve Ball State Honors College freshmen, four Honors seniors, Honors faculty, and mentors from the wider community. This group, working as a class, as clusters, and as individuals, studied crucial literary, historical, artistic, and cultural texts that raise fundamental questions about the human experience. Cluster groups prepared presentations for the community at the Minnetrista Cultural Center. The seminar served as a prototype for new courses of this kind in the Honors College curriculum.

Tony Edmonds is a Professor of History. He has taught honors courses since 1970, won five outstanding teaching awards, and is co-author of Ball State: An Interpretive History (Indiana University Press, 2001).
CLASS MEMBERS: (Top) Dennis Gill, Cole McGrath, Ted Fehskens, Ryan Wilcox, Gaylena Merritt, Lori Sammons; (Middle) Sarah Atkinson, Sara Richard, Lydia Storie, Jennifer Gibson, Emily Disher, Robin Davis; (Front) Laura Thompson, Beth Cougill, Lauren Williams, Yasmin Dalal