Freedom of Expression in the Twentyfirst Century

Dom Caristi’s seminar, "Freedom of Expression in the Twenty-First Century," encouraged students to examine the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment: religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. Photo of Freedom of Expression tapesStudents studied the historical debates and the contemporary controversies prompted by the way these freedoms have been interpreted in public policy. They applied their research by forming Soapbox Productions and creating four, thirty-minute television programs for distribution to their community sponsor, WIPB-TV, and numerous educational institutions. In addition to their work on the television series, students produced scholarly papers for submission to journals in their respective disciplines.

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Photos of the class and Dom Caristi
Dom Caristi is an Associate Professor of Telecommunications. The author of the book Expanding Free Expression in the Marketplace, Dom has also written about communications law and policy in seven other books and several journals. He serves as Vice President of the Broadcast Education Association.
CLASS MEMBERS: (Top) Dom Caristi, Jon Seidel, Joel Good, Kelly Smith, BJ McKay; (Middle) Matt Crouse, Ada Anderson, Sonny Wingler, Bill Harbison, Kara Youngs; (Front) Sara Norton, Clint Wilson, Amanda Poer, Holly VanMatre