Led by Pam Harwood, a group of architecture, urban planning, drawing, and English majors investigated the cultural and physical landscapes of Indiana in small teams. Initially they crisscrossed the state to collect objects, images, and stories relating to both current issues and historical events, consistently focusing on the significance of “place” in shaping who we are. When teams were not travelling, they were spending long hours in the Center designing and modeling—and eventually building—an interactive exhibit called Finding Indiana, showcased first at the Minnetrista Cultural Center, and then sent on tour to various sites throughout Indiana.


CLASS MEMBERS: (first row) Charity Counts, Dave Combs, Kelli Kaiser, Addey Hendrickson; (second row) Aaron Jones, Pam Harwood, Jamie Wieder, Crister Cantrell; (third row) Emily Hackett, Emily Schilling, Jessica Russell; Fourth: Joel Gabbard, Bobby Larue, Casey Steinbrecher, Juan Mendez