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Lee Papa and his students spent half a semester researching race relations in Muncie, the state of Indiana, and the nation at large, their inquiry taking them as far away as Birmingham and Chicago. The class used the rest of the semester to investigate a large fight which broke out in 1967 between black and white students at Southside High School in Muncie. After interviewing over thirty people directly involved in the disturbances, they prepared a multimedia performance piece called Class Pictures which combined live dramatization and intercut video footage of the interviews. The piece launched lengthy discussions with community members in attendance at the Muncie Center for the Arts.

Lee Papa is assistant professor of drama studies in the English Department at Ball State University. A playwright whose works have been performed from Chicago to California, Lee also teaches community-based theatre workshops.
CLASS MEMBERS: (Top) Lew Lewis, Nataki Sanders, Nicki Bixler, Diane Hursh, Jenny Gibson; (Middle) Bret Booher, Jarrod Dortch, Kelly Miller, Betsy Jenkins, Carrie Conley; (Bottom) Bryant Rozier, Carrie Copeland, Lois Atkins, Irving Washington, and Chris Lawhorn