Nancy Carlson and her students traveled across the state shooting environmental stories for Indiana Outdoors—a television series for PBS. Class members handled all aspects of production, including researching stories, arranging location shoots, writing scripts, and directing and shooting video in the field. In the later part of the semester, they hunched over their Avids, editing and re-editing their work to find the story in their stories. This collaboration among students majoring in telecommunications, natural resources and environmental science was conceived to encourage public discussion of the environment just outside our doors.


Associate Professor Nancy B. Carlson teaches in the Department of Telecommunications and produced the award-winning documentaries Gene Stratton-Porter: Voice of the Limberlost and Ed Ball's Century. She is currently working on a documentary on author Laura Ingalls Wilder.
CLASS MEMBERS: (Top) Eric Mason, Julie Boucher, Dominic Hall, Kim Riggs, Marc Firestone, Brian Miller, Ron Rinker, Jason Witherite; (Middle) Sam Clemmons, Kelly Clark, Kathryn Gardiner, Kelly Skiver, Del Feltz; (Bottom) Nancy Carlson, Stephanie Miller, Sarah Parsons, David Hendryx